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About Us

Who We Are

MID Takseet is a consumer finance company owned by MIDBANK, the company offers a convenient hustle-free shopping experience with the easiest installment plans right at your fingertip. Don’t split your purchases… Just pay in installments in a way that suits your income. MID Takseet offers installment services for customers in Egypt with no collateral. You can explore a great selection of installment plans. With MID Takseet, you can buy whatever you want and pay later. So, chill out and enjoy shopping with no worries.

MIDBANK was founded in 1975, as an Egyptian joint stock company. Later on, it is licensed to a full-service bank. Adopting forward-looking scope, MIDBANK is entrusted to empower its clients’ future. Pursuing an empowered future, MIDBANK enriches the banking experience for its multi-sector client base. MIDBANK’s goal is to prioritize sustainable operational agility for ensuring the best digital banking experience ever.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the most trusted leader in providing Hi-Tech financial services. We look forward to fulfill our consumers’ needs and elevate their lives to the fullest.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower people by making their purchases affordable, so their dreams will be within reach. Through our FinTech services, we aim to help consumers improve their -financial planning for a better quality of life.

DREAM BIG, pay little

Chairman’s Word

Over the past decade, the non-banking finance market has been rapidly expanding and constantly evolving. Fintech and digitization of financial services upscale the merits of financial inclusion. In MID Takseet, financial inclusion is our continuing priority in turning the mounting hopes of sustainable prosperity into reality. Most importantly, we instill a forward-looking approach to achieve our core mission, which is “improve customers’ financial planning for a better quality of life”.


Focused on lending programs, MID Takseet builds tomorrow’s digital wellness by ensuring seamless access to finance, to improve consumers’ cashflows and facilitate their daily living. We offer a better opportunity to our clients to upscale their purchasing power with secured and rapid access to liquidity through tailored service quality to fulfill their needs.

MID Takseet broadens the reach of cost-efficient digital financial services for a variety of consumer segments. As customer-centricity remains at the core of our business strategy, we are entrusted by our clients to guarantee access to quality non-banking services at their convenience. We always provide our clients with the best solutions to make their dreams happen. With an ambitious strategy, we will keep on delivering the best-in-class customer experience through our integrated array of advanced services. This ultimately gives us the edge to thrive and accelerate inclusive progress in our community.

Sameh Montasser

MID Takseet Chairman

Our People

Mohamed Hamdy

Managing Director-MD

Mr. Mohamed is currently the Managing Director of MID Takseet. He brings a vast experience in retail banking for more than 19 years. Prior to joining MID Takseet, he held various leadership positions including Head of Retail Banking at MIDBANK, as well as “Head of consumer lending” and “Liability payroll and insurance manager” at ABK. He also joined Piraeus Bank earlier during his career journey.

Dr. Khaled Yakan

Chief Operating Officer- COO

Dr. Khaled gained professional experience in the banking sector for 25 years. Before joining MID Takseet he was the Chief Operating Officer at “Souhoola” for Consumer Finance – Bank of Investment CI Capital. He was also appointed as Executive General Manager at Cayenne Technology. Formerly, he was appointed as Board Chairman Advisor and Head of the Information Technology Division at Nasser Social Bank. Among the leadership positions of the IT divisions at ALEXBANK and Barclays.

Hany Abdel Wahab

Commercial GM

Mr. Hany has 18 years of professional experience managing commercial departments at companies operating in the IT & telecom sectors. He also gained vast experience in product and sales management. Previously, he acted as the Head of acquisition partnership of BLNK for Consumer Finance. He also was the Country Manager at ADATA Technologies-Egypt.

Amr Ibrahim

Chief Risk Officer

Mr. Amr comes with 17 years of experience in the banking sector, mainly in risk management. Previously, he acted as the Chief Risk Officer at ADIB consumer finance. Throughout his career, his experience in risk management was elaborated held various positions in the retail credit risk department at Citibank Egypt, in addition to his positions at the CIB and ADIB.

Board Of Directors

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